Our Guidelines

We offer all sorts of cleaning jobs, residential, commercial, construction and more. Whatever your cleaning needs may be, we’re here for you! Our staff has been hand picked to offer you the highest quality work with a smile. Our employees are offered perks based on customer satisfaction to make sure you and the employees have the highest satisfactory rate!


Tile walls cleaned and disinfected DEEP CLEAN: Tile grout treated w bleach
Showers cleaned and disinfected DEEP CLEAN: Shower door given extra attention
Sink cleaned and disinfected DEEP CLEAN: Clean doors/frames + baseboards
Trash removed DEEP CLEAN: Wastebaskets sanitized
Toilets cleaned and disinfected, including the base and behind the toilet
Vanity and sink cleaned
Floors washed and disinfected, carpets and rugs vacuumed
Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and shined
Mildew chemically treated DEEP CLEAN: Cobwebs removed from ceiling


Outside of range hood cleaned DEEP CLEAN: Inside of range hood cleaned
Top and front of range cleaned DEEP CLEAN: Inside of oven cleaned
Fronts of fridge and dishwasher cleaned
Floors vacuumed and mopped DEEP CLEAN: Outside of cabinets washed
Wipe table and chairs DEEP CLEAN: Doors/frames spot cleaned for fingerprints
Inside & Outside of Microwave Wiped Down
General dusting
Sinks cleaned & disinfected
Drip pans cleaned & disinfected

Living & Sleeping Areas

Beds made DEEP CLEAN: Clean/vacuum under the bed
Trash emptied DEEP CLEAN: Wastebaskets sanitized
Flat surfaces dusted DEEP CLEAN: Lamp shades dusted or wiped down
All readily accessible floors vacuumed DEEP CLEAN: Carpet edges vacuumed
Mirrors cleaned DEEP CLEAN: Ceiling fan dusted and wiped
Picture frames dusted
Windowsills and ledges wiped down DEEP CLEAN: Mini-blinds dusted
Prominent knickknacks dusted
Stairs and closet floors vacuumed
Wood floors swept and dust mopped
Cobwebs removed
Light, general straightening completed

Additional Requests We Offer

*Because many of our client’s dont need certain things cleaned we have itemized them seperately to keep our prices as low as possible! If you’d like any of the following please let us know and we can take care of it for an additional fee*

Knick-knack cabinets

Clean inside of fridge or oven

Interior windows lifted and cleaned

Home Organization

Dishes / Laundry

Walls wiped down